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Club Boesche is possible the most decadent place in Pattaya.

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Facebook has been seeking ways to quickly block videos after a series of gruesome events were livestreamed on the site, including murder and sexual assault.

I apologize for what my son did," Jinda Raksakham said.

"I want to tell young people who are having difficulties in their family life that they can talk to their parents.

Officials have issued a deadline and given Facebook until Tuesday to comply.

Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of the commission, told Reuters: "If Facebook still shows content declared illegal by court orders in Thailand, action must be taken against Facebook Thailand."They could argue that they are not involved (in removing content), but Facebook Thailand is still operating here."He said the Ministry of Digital Economy would file a complaint with police next week to press charges against Facebook Thailand under the Computer Crime Act and commerce ministry regulations Mr Tantasith also suggested obtaining a search warrant for Facebook Thailand would be a possible step.

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