Updating child records ado

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Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has addressed the problem faced when using Tiny MCE Rich Text Box Editor inside ASP. There are two problems faced, first is that the Tiny MCE Rich Text Box Editor disappears after Partial Post Back inside Update Panel and second is that the value entered in the Tiny MCE Rich Text Box Editor is lost after Partial Post Back in Update Panel. Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to set AJAX Update Panel Triggers i.e.If no primary key is found, the data is appended to the tables in the ' Assumes that connection is a valid Sql Connection object. To String()) Next Next // Assumes that customer Connection is a valid Sql Connection object. If there is no column in an existing table that matches a column found in the chapter, a new column is added.Dim query String As String = _ "SELECT Customer ID, Company Name FROM dbo. // Assumes that order Connection is a valid Ole Db Connection object. Before the tables in the are filled with the data in the chaptered columns, a relation is created between the parent and child tables of the hierarchical rowset by adding an integer column to both the parent and child table, setting the parent column to auto-increment, and creating a , only that table will be filled.string query String = "SELECT Customer ID, Company Name FROM dbo. A Using connection As Ole Db Connection = New Ole Db Connection( _ "Provider=MSData Shape; Data Provider=SQLOLEDB;" & _ "Data Source=(local); Integrated " & _ "Security=SSPI; Initial Catalog=northwind") Dim adapter As Ole Db Data Adapter = New Ole Db Data Adapter( _ "SHAPE " & _ "APPEND ( AS Orders " & _ "RELATE Customer ID TO Customer ID)", connection) Dim customers As Data Set = New Data Set() adapter.Customers"; Sql Data Adapter adapter = new Sql Data Adapter(query String, connection); Data Set customers = new Data Set(); adapter. Columns("Customer ID")) Dim p Row, c Row As Data Row For Each p Row In customer Orders.

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