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Ball stretchers offer a hands-free way of doing this.As Marelize Swart explains, ball stretchers come in two basic varieties: cuffs and parachutes.Once it is in a good position, find an arm of a chair or something and sit so that the ball is right under your clitoris, and bounce on, rock on, wiggle on and squeeze the ball.It only takes me a few minutes to have an amazing orgasm! Here are eight eye-catching ways guys are getting off in more unusual ways these days.1.Ball Stretching This one is for the guys who enjoy the sensation of having their balls tugged on.Climb on top of your cutie and take control with these sizzling strategies and sex positions.Place it between your legs and pull up a pair of fairly tight pants, leggings, or hosiery.

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In the trade, the smear is technically called ball scuff. In "His Oeuvre" which first appeared in the (2000), Updike wrote about Henry Bech having sex with a girlfriend named Clarissa: "She pressed her physical claims as if upon an invalid, with the soft yet unrelenting voice of a hospital visitor, coaxing him into vigor; she led him as if he had been a teen-ager into certain byways of gratification that left her lipstick stains passed back and forth between their bodies like the ricochet marks in a squash court."In his latest and perhaps last novel, (2008), Updike used squash as a way to kill off a character, Lennie, the husband of Sukie Ridgemont (Michelle Pfeiffer in the film, for you visual types).

After all, unless you’re a urologist, or you happen to be looking really, really closely, there’s virtually no way to distinguish Tim’s scrotum from one carrying a pair of original testicles. If I’m with somebody, I won’t even say anything unless they notice first.” Of course, Tim isn’t so easily fooled.

Prosthetic balls, he says, “aren’t as squishy,” so when he’s feeling around down there, the difference on his own body is obvious.

Parachute ball stretchers, on the other hand, are usually made from leather and “snap” around the sac.

Metal weights, connected by chains hanging below, pull the scrotum downward.

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