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For Levin, viewing child pornography was a social pursuit, consistent with how he approached the world in general--he was as popular online as he was in real life.

M's incest chat room quickly became one of Levin's favourite destinations.

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He was active on several other sites as well, though they weren't part of the ensuing police investigation.

Which means, with every passing year and new messaging app, the telephone becomes more irrelevant. Meanwhile, telephone conversation is in the midst of a “serious decline.” People (especially Millennials) just don’t call each other like they used to, and this has serious implications for the institutions designed to help them through crises.

The telephone hotline has dominated crisis support for over 40 years, and now the tide is slowly turning.

Since then, it has served almost 250,000 visitors and demand for the service grows every year.

Two hundred volunteers and 45 paid staff members work around the clock—24 hours a day, every day of the year—to provide continuous support for the online hotline.

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