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It seemed my prayers were answered with BB10 and the end of BIS. I just took the Black Berry Survey they sent me via email and gave them a good earful about email limits and contacts groups. and nothing has changed in those regards. The limited email seems to be an issue between Apple and Black Berry. I hope this means SMS groups as well, but I didn't press after getting the response on Address Books.

I do have the subfolder access I wanted, but it's hampered by the 30 day limit. Huzzah for groups coming back to the contacts app!!

Does anybody have any insight about this artificial limitation? If Black Berry has said that's it, it's staying, so be it. And indeed I just checked my account and I can and did set it to forever in the advanced settings. I'm swapping back and forth between a Q10 and Z10 now.

But I will say that I've been using a Nokia Lumia 928 (Windows Phone 8) and I do have access to every email I've saved in my subfolders, even back 3 years! WP8 sets the default at 7 days, but you can easily adjust that all the way to "Forever" in sync settings. One thing I was thrilled to see when I set up the Z10 (OS is that my i Cloud email account is no longer limited to 90 days on email.

Messaging is only supported on select Metro PCS plans. Try using the search field in AOL Mail to find the person or email address that you're looking for quickly and easily. Search example using AOL Mail: Your emails in AOL Mail are automatically sorted by date, but did you know you can also sort your messages by sender, subject, read or unread messages, and emails that you've flagged? In the left panel, click the folder that contains the emails you'd like to sort. Click one of the column headings at the top of the email list to sort by one of the following options: Note: The column header will turn a slightly darker shade of gray when selected and will display an up arrow to indicate the list is being sorted in ascending order or a down arrow to indicate the list is sorted in descending order. In the Display section, next to My typical day is from, click the drop-down arrow next to the times, and click the time you wish to start the calendar display.5. If you're using a Windows PC, youll find your web browsers Print option located in the upper right of your browser window (IE, Chrome) or in the upper left (Fire Fox).

Does this update address the 30 day email limitation? /s I'm talking about organizing my contacts into groups. If I need to send an email to the board members at my local lake club I used to be able to simply send an email to that group. I can see they made a conscious decision to move in a more social direction, but there was no reason I can fathom for abandoning groups in general contacts.

You may recall my whinging for years about BIS users not having access to subfolders. /s I just took the Black Berry Survey they sent me via email and gave them a good earful about email limits and contacts groups. and nothing has changed in those regards. The limited email seems to be an issue between Apple and Black Berry. Now I have to add all the email addresses one by one, from my general contact list. Sure, ADD groups at BBM but do not abandon them in a bread-and-butter application like contacts.rambo, I asked and was told via Twitter by the BB10 program manager that the Address Book groups is being returned, it is high on their priority.

Note: Sending and receiving text messages in AOL Mail is free, but charges may apply for the person you're texting -- depending on his/her plan. In the main reading pane, a list of search results will appear. (Alert me anytime I get a message containing the words "You absolutely rock", for example.) Note: You can create up to 50 filters. In the upper right, under your Username, click Options and then click Mail Settings. Under "Look for incoming messages matching all of the following," define the criteria for the filter. You can adjust the time zone settings so that your calendar will be accurate with your local time zone and your reminders are set to the proper time. This setting is particularly useful for work calendars. You can view multiple calendars either one at a time or in combination, enabling you to coordinate schedules and stay on top of your friends' and family's plans. When you're finished, at the bottom, click Add. Next to File Type, choose the option that matches the file you'd like to import and then click Import.

If you see the email you're looking for, click it to open it.3. Note: If you want to view a calendar that doesn't appear on your list of calendars, you need to subscribe to that calendar. In the lower-left panel, click the Events tab (the second from the right). Did you know you can import calendar events from programs such as Microsoft Outlook in to your AOL Mail Calendar? The Calendar in AOL Mail has built in search features to help you find Events easily and quickly. You can drag and drop events in your AOL Calendar to different days, months, and time slots as desired.

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