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Blind Date is a spectacular and erotically charged psychological novel that shows Jerzy Kosinski, author of Being There and The Painted Bird, at the height of his power.

George Levanter is an idea man, a small investor, an international playboy, and a ruthless deal-maker whose life is delivered in a series of scorching encounters, each more incredible than the last.

Our 2013 paper showing that intimate traits can be predicted from digital footprints attracted considerable attention from the popular media and scientific community.

The accompanying online demonstration, which predicts users’ personalities based on their digital footprints, attracted several million users.

Tonight, we talk with a prominent and controversial judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Alex Kozinski, a conservative appointed by President Reagan.Our 2013 PNAS paper is now the 4th most influential scientific article of all times according to Altmetrics (and 1st among those published by PNAS).Our 2015 PNAS paper has the 19th place globally and 2nd among those in PNAS.Other times (well this one time in particular) the author or publisher decide that maybe the reader won't get the autobiographical wallowing the author has been engaged in.In this case it is best to give a four and a half page mini-biography in the back in the book, just to let the reader see what in the book was taken from real life.

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