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Shows I/O, communication, floating point operation usage and memory access costs.

Supports multi-threaded and multi-process applications - such as those with MPI or Open MP parallelism and scales to very high node counts.

With this tool you can distribute your load testing on local and cloud instances, monitor your server resources as your API is put under varying loads, automate your tests with just a few clicks and create performance tests quickly with pre-configured load templates.

Therefore, we recommend creating assertions as a "safety net" for your Load Test to detect if something goes really wrong instead of expecting the same throughput in all situations.

What tools for server side application performance testing you suggest?

Have an application server and need to test it performance.

Several tools with combined sampling and call-graph profiling.

A set of visualization tools, VCG tools, uses the Call Graph Drawing Interface (CGDI) to interface with gprof.

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