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In Eng- land the famous enactment of the subservient par- liament of James I.

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At this day, the remembrance of its superhuman art, in its different manifestations, is immortal- ised in the every-day language of the peoples of Europe. Witchcraft and Heresy purposely confounded by the Church Me- dieval Science closely connected with Magic and Sorcery Igno- rance of Physiology the Cause of many of the Popular Prejudices Jeanne d'Arc Duchess of Gloucester .1 ane Shore Persecution at Arras ...... 9 modern instance of it.'* Evidence, if additional were wanted, how deference to authority and uni- versal custom may subdue the reason and under- standing.

' THE SUPERSTITIONS OF WITCHCRAFT' is designed to exhibit a consecutive review of the charac- teristic forms and facts of a creed which (if at present apparently dead, or at least harmless, in Christendom) in the seventeenth century was a living and lively faith, and caused thou- sands of victims to be sent to the torture- chamber, to the stake, and to the scaffold. The Origin, Prevalence, and Variety of Superstition The Belief in Witchcraft the most horrid Form of Superstition Most flourishing in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries-/-The Sentiments of Addison, Blackstone, and the Lawyers of the Eighteenth Century upon the Subject Chaldean and Persian Magic Jewish Witch- craft Its important Influence on Christian and Modern Belief Greek Pharmacy and Sorcery Early Roman Laws against Con- juration and Magic Charms Crimes perpetrated, under the Em- pire, in connection with Sorceric Practices The general Persecu- tion for Magic under Valentinian and Valens German and Scandinavian Sagse Essential Difference between Eastern and Western Sorcery The probable Origin of the general Belief in an Evil Principle PAGE 3 PAKT II. Compromise between the New and the Old Faiths Witchcraft under the Early Church The Sentiments of the Fathers and the Decrees of Councils Platonic Influences Historical, Physiolo- gical, and Accidental Causes of the Attribution of Witchcraft to the Female Sex Opinions of the Fathers and other Writers The Witch-Compact 47 Vlll CONTEXTS. Charlemagne's Severity Anglo-Saxon Superstition Norman and Arabic Magic Influence of Arabic Sciemv Mohammedan Belief in Magic Rabbinical Learning Roger Bacon The Persecution of the Templars Alice Kyteler i CHAPTER III. Cotemporary Testimony to the Severity of the I Viecut ions Triumph of the Orthodox Party Germany most subject to the Superstition Acts of Parlia- tay VIII. The deliberate judgment of Addison, whose wit and preeminent graces of style were especially de- voted to the extirpation of almost every sort of popular folly of the day, could declare : ' When I hear the relations that are made from all parts of the world, not only from Norway and Lapland, from the East and West Indies, but from every particular nation in Europe, I cannot forbear thinking that there is such an intercourse and commerce with evil spirits as that which we express by the name of witchcraft. In short, when I consider the ques- tion whether there are such persons in the world as those we call witches, my mind is divided between two opposite opinions; or rather, to speak my thoughts freely, I believe in general that there is and has been such a thing as witchcraft, but at the same time can give no credit to any particular THE ORIGIN OF WITCHCRAFT.

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