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NYC Video Diary was a series that was the sequel to "Love Curse" picking up where it left off as the movie promised.

Manhattan Magician spent the decade of doing "Diary" episodes inventing the "Soulmate Quiz" and began giving his dates the quiz on camera.

Finally in 1990 he found someone who was a quiz match and married her on the final episode of his TV show. There has been a great deal of curiosity as to exactly the contents of this "Soulmate Quiz," so the Manhattan Magician is creating a version of it that can be used by anyone regardless of their type, personality or soul.

There seems to be a need for a workable system for finding one's soulmate or confirming you are dating your soulmate or even that you were lucky enough to marry your soulmate.

However, I believe this one area that Satan tends to get the best of us.

He is in the busineess of breaking up marriages, especially Christian marriages. considering the divorce rate among Christians is at a high rate of 50%.

When you fall head-over-heels for another person, you start to really realize that there are no “types.” Having a “type” is a complete fallacy that we use to justify turning down potential partners. Everything is so uncertain, and this level of discomfort is only intensified when you're single.

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So here some signs to find out that you are dating your soulmate.

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