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Andy has compiled a complete list of his collection (which is also serves as a great aid in identifying Hudson River brick).

This web site focuses mainly on brick from the Hudson Valley of New York and New England.

Depends on country and culture, somewhere people (both men and women) are very active in this kind of getting intimate with opposite (or same) gender so one night stands are very common.You can even visit less popular places; it depends on how you see your chances.If you think that, you can have sex with good-looking girls, then go to popular places, because most of hot girls and hot middle aged women are there.If you have images or information, especially identifications of specimens unlabelled here, please email webmaster, who makes no claim to being a lithics expert. Warren County, Missouri Stemmed point, Cooper County. Below, side and top view of a discoidal found in St.You'll be wanting this: Indians and Archaeology of Missouri by Carl and Eleanor Chapman 1989 (3rd printing of the 1964 original). Click here for a glossary of descriptive terms for Native American artifacts. 89mm (3 1/2 in) x 38mm (1 7/16)in.); late Archaic period Short-stemmed Hardin point, 2-5/8" Found at the St. Finder: "[it] has had two resharpenings that created beveled cutting edges and reduced the size of the blade moderately.” Dickson point, Perry County. Charles co., 4 3/8 inches 4 1/2" Leaf Type blade, white chert, found on site 23-CP-273 Cooper County Missouri in 1993. Charles Co., 2 1/4 inches thick and 5 7/16 inches wide. In 1775, James Adair in his 18th Century English wrote a description of the game: The warriors have another favorite game called chungke, which, with propriety of language, may be called ‘running hard labor’.

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