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At first glimpse it may seem that the bathroom is the dullest and not fashionable space of the home – tributary to its functionality and prosaic means – but if you think about it is one of the places that you spend a lot of your time – so why not to let your imagination fly free and turn the space into an emanation of style and beauty. What are the trends for the next year when it comes to bathroom design, colors and materials?What will be fashionable, stylish and easy to maintain?Select a period As the popularity of vintage-style bathrooms shows no sign of abating, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to Victorian- and Edwardian-style reproduction fixtures and fittings.The recent trend for geometrics has also seen a rise in Art Deco-style designs.

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Wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices and docking stations are being incorporated into bathroom mirrors, showerheads and vanities.

Look out for manufacturers such as Drummonds, whose designs are based on historic drawings and traditional construction methods.

Pick original pieces If you don’t mind taking on a little restoration work, then you could consider trawling salvage yards, auctions and restoration specialists for bathtubs, basins and brassware.

Kohler has taken multitasking to a new level with its all-in-one showerhead and speaker combo.

Sometimes luxury can come in the form of a little extra-added warmth.

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